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Ethiopia 枕 / Traditional Pillow 50

Ethiopia 枕 / Traditional Pillow 50

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 国  エチオピア 
 素材  木
 幅  約21cm
 奥行  約10cm
 高さ  約10cm
  • 商品コード ET-0050
  • 注意事項:現地での使用や経年に伴う傷等があります。ご理解いただいた上でのご購入をお願いいたします。


Product Code: ET-0050

 Country  Ethiopia 
 Material  Wood
 Size  W: 21cm 

 D: 10cm

 H: 10cm
 Old / New  Old
  • Notice : Please note that this products is vintage and used, handed down for decades as tools for daily life.  Its may show signs of use and have cracks or splits, and since almost all wooden items are hand-carved, they may have wobbly bottoms or non-smooth surface. 
  • We would like you to confirm the above conditions before you place an order, and we do not accept returns, refunds, or exchanges after purchase. 
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