About us

About Usタテガミイヌについて





“Creating opportunities for people to learn
about other countries through their goods.”
This has been our goal for many years.
Our hope is that our lineup of interesting and cool products will bring you closer to a country you’d only ever heard the name of — or perhaps a country you’d never even heard of yet.

These objects are not perfect, and yet, because they are unique from the standard products we see around us, they have a certain handcrafted and charming allure. You can easily imagine how they were created in a hot and dry land. 

Just as you would stop to admire a gorgeous view without a second thought, we hope to create a store which you would naturally want to stop by.

We opened our first store in January 2024. While our goal is to gradually introduce items from various countries, we will first focus on items from Ethiopia, where our owner lived for about three years.

May we bring you exciting new encounters!